About Code Designs Studio

Code Designs® Studio was established in 2015 by Larissa Code and Shawn Landry, and is situated in North Bay, Ontario.

It is our mission to deliver top-quality and innovative visualizations to the housing market in an affordable and efficient way.

Visualizations are the very heart and soul of who we are, and what we do!

We work with a range of clients such as real estate agents, developers, architects, and even private home buyers and sellers, to create realistic imagery for new and old homes by using an equal balance of inspired thinking, artistry, and strategy.

Our approach is unique and casted in every project we engage. We utilize a variety of graphic art and CAD software, in combination with video game technologies (that have become very sophisticated throughout the years) in order to turn blueprints into life-like homes that can delight any living setting.

Our goal is to provide your clients with visual aids to help them see and better understand the end result of construction projects currently under development.

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